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  • NAAC Assessment and Accreditation 3 rd Cycle Criterion wise In-charge Committee

    Sr. No Criteria In-charge Professors
    1 Curricular Aspects

    Prof. N. C. Adhav

    Prof. J. L. Chaudhari

    2 Teaching, Learning and Evaluation

    Prof. Dr. S. T. Ghadage

    Prof. S. M. Bende

    Prof. D. R. Dubal

    3 Research, Consultancy and Extension

    Prof. Dr. Mrs. J. J. Kadam

    Prof. P. Y. Tate-Deshmukh

    4 Infrastructure and Learning Resources

    Prof. R. S. More

    Prof. S. B. Shinde

    5 Student Support and Progression

    Prof. N. M. Rajurwar

    Prof. P. M. Sayyad

    6 Governance, Leadership and Management

    Prof. Dr. D. B. Waydande

    Prof. B. N. Margaje

    7 Innovations and Best Practices

    Prof. Dr. J. M. Salve

    Prof. A. S. Shinde

    8 NAAC Co-ordinator

    Prof. S. P. Jadhav